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Social media and three ways to spot fake news

Photo credit: @medicalnewstoday / @markhayes

Social media are arguably the greatest tools of communication in the society today. They help in connecting people one to another in new and impactful ways. Stories, news, and opinions can gain exposure with speed. Also, many youths are earning a living on social media through comedy skits, blogging and content creators among others.

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Unfortunately, there is a dark side to social media, and that is misinformation. Nowadays, it is either one fake news or hate speech from persons who have taken it upon themselves to keep writing and publishing tales about others even though they are not true. 

I will be sharing with you 3 ways to spot fake news from fact-check 

1. The author 

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As a reader, once you spot a fake article, look into the publisher of the content. Does the writer have an established reputation and cites sources? However, if the article doesn’t accurately reflect the sources it uses, it should be treated with suspicion.

2. The date of publication 

In some cases, a suspicious article may not be fake, it might just contain dated information. So, to fact-check any claims made in such content, search for up-to-date news on the topic.

3. Fake website address

Photo credit: @lifewire

An article may claim to be from a well-known news publication, but is the web address right? Compare the web address to the home page of the actual news organization in question. If there are discrepancies or misspellings in the address, you may have spotted a fake.

Meanwhile, as a reader, there are actions you can take when you encounter fake news while browsing your social media feeds. How? If a trending post contains misinformation, you can “hide” it. If specific users repeatedly appear in your feed sharing misinformation, block them. If you have previously “liked” or subscribed to a page that spreads fake news, unfollow it. By doing these, you can reduce your exposure to manipulative articles and accounts.

Thanks for reading.

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