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21+ Life Hacks Phone Users Swear By

21+ Life Hacks Phone Users Swear By

There are some bunch of things we can do with our phone that most people wouldn't even imagine. If you think out side of the box with a little struggle, it can become anything from a scanner to a wallet! And that’s just the start of the cool tricks you can do with phones if you think outside of the box.

Here are some ways to make life easier especially When it comes to communication, so here are some life hacks you need to do with your phone.

1. Make sure you always keep your old phone models in case of an emergency.

2. You can hide some money behind your phone case or in the battery compartment, in case you forget your wallet so where else.

3. You can wireless charge through the package on some power banks, if your phone support wireless Charging when you are shopping.

4. You can create your own Dolby surround System with a regular cardboard and phone. Make sure you did not forget to punch some holes for air.

5. Here are stupidity simple phone holder for our phones with wallet cases.

6. To make it easy way, you can changed your ear phone rubber to white. White for right, black for left, to quickly see which is which.

7. Did you know, your phone can be used as a portable scanner, you can look for the application under your Note and send it to your computer. 

8. For quick access when travelling abroad, put an image of a currency conversion chart as your phone's lock screen photo.

9. In my line of work, I have to constantly provide my work phone's MAC address, so i made it part of my home screen.

10. I forgot my tripod and camera at home, and i still had to get many family pictures.

11. Your charger can double as a stand, for phone owners in the UK.

12. Did you know you can charge your phone, by using a 9v battery, a car charger,and a spring from a pen, if you lose electricity.

13. You can charge your phone when the cord won't reach the floor.

14. If you need extemporaneous phone case, place it on top of a balloon and deflate it.

15. When cutting the lawn, No more losing Wi-Fi signal.

16. Camera sensors can pick up infrared through your phone, which is handy if you need to check batteries around the house.

17. Here are the simplest things can turn your phone into a personal flat screen television.

18. While using your headphones, this Bluetooth to Aux adaptor lets you charge your phone

19. You can put your phone's camera in blacklight mode and then search for fluorescent, like this bottle of highlighter ink.

20. Did you know your phone's selfie camera can work like a handy mirror and you can even zoom in on every nook and cranny.

21. A plastic bottle and a phone light can be the lantern you never knew you needed it.

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