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5 Easy steps to download videos from any website without restrictions

I am sure some of you have come across websites that restrict or don’t allow users to download video. Sometimes this protection right can be very annoying as you can only stream their content online. The question is what if you don’t have data or will want to watch or view the videos later?

Follow this 5 steps and you don’t have to worry again,

 Step One

Launch your Google chrome browser and click on “Apps”. It is located at the top left corner written as “Apps” in the tool menu or tool bar above.

Step Two

Click on "Web Store" as soon as it opens.

Step Three

Once it opens, click on extension and then place your cursor on the search box and type "Vimeo."

Step Four

Once the result of the search displays, scroll down and locate Vimeo Video Downloader and click on” Add to chrome.”

Step Five

A little page pops up, click on add extension. It immediately downloads. The Vimeo icon will appear on your tool menu at the top left corner. It has a download sign.

So whenever you want to download in any site, open the video. A download button indicated by the popular download arrow sign will appear at the top right corner of the video or click on the Vimeo icon at the tool menu and a download option will be there waiting for you.

Note you can always delete this extension by right clicking the Vimeo icon on the tool menu and click on "remove." I hope this was helpful. Please share it as many are restricted to download educative and insightful video that would have tremendously help them in various ways.

Content created and supplied by: NewsBlazer (via Opera News )

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