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How To Enable Dark Mode On All Your Apps To Reduce Eye Strain

First of all thank you for clicking on this article and I hope you find it useful. If not sorry to have wasted your time. Here we go.

First thing you have to do is to update your phone to the latest android version i.e Android 10.

When you have successfully updated your phone, click on about phone which you can see at the bottom half.

When you have clicked on about phone, then click on software information. When the next page opens, click on the build number of your phone till it says you have been accepted as a developer. You can see now that the developer options appears on the dialog box. Click on developer options. Scroll down and you will see Force Dark Mode.Turn it on and restart your phone for the changes to be applied.

The dark mode will filter out the blue light that comes from smartphones and affects people's eyes. Itll make your phone look cool as well.

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