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Have You Seen this Bluetooth Smart Toothbrush? See How It Works

The newly developed Bluetooth-connected toothbrush brings a dentist into your bathrooms.

Around mid last year, Philips Sonicare technology company launched a new smart toothbrush which connects to an application by making use of an installed Bluetooth device.

You might be wondering why you need a Bluetooth powered smart toothbrush. But if you truly care about oral hygiene and also intend to spend half as much time your colleagues spend brushing in the morning and night with better effectiness,you might want to consider it.

It is equipped with a variety of sensors in it's handle which helps to track in real time how you're brushing your teeth. The data collected is synchronised via Bluetooth to an application available on the iOS and Android platforms.

It's mode of operation is quite straightforward. As brushing is ongoing, a 3D image of your mouth displays on your phone. This let's you Know if you're brushing to much or too little. It shows you areas you haven't properly covered. The app also warns you of hard brushing or when you apply too much pressure while scrubbing.

When the two minutes set timer for brushing is over,the app gives a review on whether you missed any spot or not.

The application let's you set your brushing goals,remind you when it's time to replace the brush heads and also redirects you to health tips related articles pertaining to the condition of your teeth.

Another great feature of the toothbrush is that you can set focus on that annoying teeth that needs to be worked on. If you visit the dentist and you're given an advise about the health of your teeth,you can include such personalised coaching into the app for reminder.

After a full charge,the battery can lasts up to two weeks. And the toothbrush memorizes up to 14 brushing sessions, so that if the data are not synced for two whole weeks,it won't be lost.

Content created and supplied by: Stephlococus (via Opera News )

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