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How to construct a local air conditioner and enjoy life like a big man. (Easy steps)

Poverty is not a course, it simply means you are not rich already. That you are not rich yet doesn't mean you would never get rich again. That doesn't mean you should be angry with yourself and therefore, nothing like enjoyment for you. This is wrong. You have to be creative to enjoy you life.

In the period of heat when everywhere is hot, that's when you will understand the power of creativity. If you have ever stayed up late tonight as a result of hot weather, then you will understand this better. Sometimes, even the fan blows very hot air which makes the weather more uncomfortable

You don't need to buy expensive air conditioner to beat this kind of weather. You construct you own DIY air conditioner. Here, I'll show you how to do that.

How to construct DIY air conditioner

DIY air conditioner is of two type. The use once and the reuses types. I'll start with the use once type.

How to create a use once DIY air conditioner




Fan (any fan can serve but a table fan is recommended)

Water bottle (disposable plastic bottles)



Fill the disposable plastic bottles with water. Add 3 table spoon (51g) of salt to the bottle containing water and put back the caps tightly. Shake the bottle very well to mix the salt and water. Then take the bottles and put them in the refrigerator and allow to freeze. Note that salt reduces the freezing temperature of water and make it colder too.

When it's frozen, spread the bottles in front of the fan. Turn on the fan. The air will cool down as it passes around the bottle. Return the bottles to refrigerator once the ice melts.

2. Reuse type


Fan (as above)

Plastic bottles ( 2)

Ice cubes

Utility knife


Cut the two plastic bottles half way towards the bottom. Use a utility knife to make your cut. Ensue you hold the bottle securely with your left hand pressing the bottle against a cutting board and poke the tip of the blade through the bottle to towards the end. You may not need to cut it off entirely. See image below.

Image used for illustration purpose.

Drill holes around the bottle from near the cut towards the center. See image below.

Image is used for illustration purpose.

Now tie these bottles at the back of your fan with the cap well cocked. Position your fan at the direction as you want. See image below.

Image is used for illustration purpose.

Fill the bottle with ice cubes. Make sure the ice cubes are not in lumps. You can decide to loosen the cap and drop a bowl under it to catch melted water. You can also decided to cock the cap tightly and release the water when all the ice have melted. See images below

Image is used for illustration purpose.

Now you can go to your bed and enjoy a room with air conditioner. It's easy right?

After releasing water from the bottle, you can always add ice without tampering with the set up.

This is how to construct DIY air conditioner. Say your mind in the comment section.

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