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How to Browse the Internet Without Modem on our Desktop and Laptop Computers.

How to Browse the Internet Without Modem on our Desktop and Laptop Computers.

Today we will be learning how we can browse the internet without making use of a modem on our Desktop and Laptop Computers.

Buying a modem is not an easy task in Nigeria, due to high price and also the thought of buying a fake one too can be another problem. So we will learning how we can browse without modem.

So let's begin!

There are two ways we will be able to browse the internet without modem.

1. Hotspot Method.

This method is only for laptops.

Now we can connect our laptop computers to our Android phones hotspot. It is very easy just like connecting two phones together wirelessly.

So let's begin:

1. Switch on the phone's hotspot on your notification bar ( by scrolling from the top of your screen to the bottom the notification bar will appear), or go to your settings and find the hotspot, then switch it on.

Check the image below to see hotspot from my notification bar.

So switch it on.

2. On your Laptop's WiFi by pressing the WiFi button. It can be on your keyboard or by the side of your laptop.just look for the button with the WiFi logo.

Now when you switch it on, take a look at the right side of your task bar, you will see an icon that is similar to your Android phones data icon. When you see it: it has something like a yellow star attached to it, click on it. Here is a picture:

As shown in the picture above, when you click on the WiFi network logo, a dialogue no or small window will appear, showing all the available networks(hotspots).

So if your phone's hotspot is on, it will be displayed.

3. Now when you see your phone's hotspot name, click on it, the click on connect to connect to with the phone wirelessly. Here is a picture:

Now when you click on connect, if your phone's hotpot is being protected by a password you will be required to input the password on the computer before you can connect to the phone's Hotspot. So Incase you are asked for password, just type in the phone's hotspot password then click on connect.

Incase you don't know your phone's Hotspot password, just go to settings, click on network and hotpot settings, then select: set up hotspot then you will see your password around there.

4. Now after connecting to your phone's hotspot your WiFi network logo in your computer will change.

To verify that you have successfully connect with your phone, just click on the network wifi logo. Then you will see your phone's hotspot name and it be indicated that you have successfully Connect to the wireless network.

It should be similar to the picture below:

5. When you see something like this: it means that you have successfully connect to the wireless network.

So all you have to do in other to browse with your laptop is to switch on you data on you Android phone.

Then go to your laptop and refresh it like 3 times.

After that you can browse your favorite websites with your laptop without using a modem.

2. USB Cable method.

Now this method can be used for both Laptops and desktop computers.

1. Plug in your USB cable to your laptop or desktop computer. Make sure it is well plugged to the phone and well plugged in the computer.

2. Go to your phone settings, click on Network Settings. See the picture below.

Click on it. Then click on hotspot and tethering.

The select USB tethering.

Once you enable the USB tethering, your computer (laptop or desktop) is automatically connected to your Android phone. All you have to do is to switch on your data in your phone. Then you can browse the internet.

So we have learnt how to browse the internet without using a modem.

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