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2 Reasons Why Nigeria Keeps Losing Its Promising Youths To A Cybercrime Called "Yahoo, Yahoo "

Nigeria is a blessed country with so many resources that can build the nation to become one of the most developed countries in the Africa continent. One of the resources this country has at its disposal is the presence of intelligent, hardworking youths who are well exposed technologically, and intellectually sound.

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It is quite unfortunate that despite the presence of capable youths in Nigeria, the country still wallows in a messy economy and destructive insecurity. Nigeria is blessed with young minds who can solve the problems of the country with their energetic determination and patriotism are now being lured away by crimes in the cyber world.

Nigeria has lost its good reputation outside the country due to the indulgence of the youths in cybercrime popularly known as Yahoo, Yahoo in the country.

Yahoo as known by many Nigerians is a cybercrime where people engagement in fraudulence using technological devices like Smartphones and Laptops to dupe someone.

Many Nigerian youths are currently into the shady fraudulent act known as Yahoo. It is hard nowadays to meet up with 5 youths who do not know at least a friend who is into this fast-growing crime in Nigeria.

However, Yahoo didn't just start in Nigeria without a cause. There must have been some factors that led the youths to commit cybercrime all because of money. And to this effect, I will be naming two major reasons why Nigeria keeps losing its promising youths to Cybercrime like Yahoo:

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1. High rate of Poverty In The Country

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with a lot of people from different ethnic groups and tribes. According to research the population of the country is over 200 million. The rich people in Nigeria are not up to 50% of its population. This makes it so easy for poverty to triumph over the country. We should also know that when there is poverty, people tend to do all that they can to subdue it and get a better life.

Nigerian youths engage in cybercrime known as Yahoo because of the haunting poverty that has crippled the country.

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2. Unemployment

So many Nigerian youths who have once been arrested for engaging themselves in the crime are either unemployed or lack formal education. Most times, the suspects are students who are uncertain of what the future holds for them, due to the high rate of unemployment in the country. So the youths try to get something that can cater to their needs and put food on their table. The desperation to give themselves a better life leads many Nigerian youths into cybercrime.

Despite the effort of the EFFC to stop the Nigerian youths from indulging themselves with such a crime, its effect, though effective, has not been enough to stop the youth criminals.

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