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How to Create a Free Blog and Start Making Money

Onorogun Jude IghravweDon't have enough money to buy a domain name and a hosting plan? Don't worry you will soon be guided on how you can actually create a free Website on Blogspot (blogger) and start blogging. The good news is that, you can earn some passive income if you are patient enough.

Blogspot is owned by the powerful Google and there are many free templates you can use to give your blog-website a professional look.

Alright let's get started.

First Step:

Go to your search engines like Google, Opera Mini etc. and type where you would be required to create a new blog/sign up.

In this case, it's like the way you are creating your facebook account as you will be directed by Google. you would need to provide the title and address of your website. For example: If you want to build a website on books then the Address (It’s also known as Domain name and site’s URL) could be or and the title can be Best IT Books Blog. You must know that since these domain names are free, they would be suffixed with by default. Blogspot, also provides us the option of having custom domain names take note.The domain name must be unique so there are chances that the domain name you wanna choose is already registered. In that case you must need to try a different domain name until unless the blue tick gets appeared at the right side of  address Field

Second Step:

choose a template (you can choose any template at this point, you would be able to change it later at any point of time and click create blog

Third Step:

After the above step, you can now start blogging, it means you have successfully created a free Website on your own and start creating post and articles.

Note! Your website is still hosted by Google and you must keep to their "content policy"

Secondly, since Blogspot is owned by Google, you require a Gmail account in in order to be able to sign up or create your new blog.

Content created and supplied by: OnorogunJude3 (via Opera News )

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