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REVEALED: Your ATM Card Could Be Your Worst Enemy

How safe do you think your money is? 

Yes, it's in a bank...

Yes, your ATM card has a PIN...

But is it completely safe?!

Scammers and Yahoo boys are getting smarter everyday. Not knowing their new styles and how to protect yourself is a sure way to lose your money.

Let's now look at how to make sure our card can be 100% safe from scammers everywhere!

1| Only Use The ATMs At Banks:

I know many make this mistake.

I made them too myself till I found out the truth!

ATMs in places aside banks like Filling station, supermarket, churches etc have a higher risk of having a "skimming device"

A skimming device is something that criminals put into ATM machines.

This device will steal the information of anyone that uses the machine!

It can steal your card's PIN, account balance and so on immediately when you put it into the machine.

To avoid this, I recommend only using the machines in banks as banks have more security and surveillance which makes it harder for criminals to insert the device.

2| Scratch Off All The Numbers On The Card:

Yes. If your ATM card is stolen, all those numbers become a security risk to you!

If you use your card to shop online, you would have seen a page requesting for those numbers.

That's how scammers can get your money without your PIN! 

The good news is that removing those numbers will not affect your card. You will still be able to use it.

The numbers are only useful if you want to do things online like shop, pay bills, etc.

If you still want to be able to do these things, you can write the number in a notebook and keep it somewhere safe.

An ATM card without these numbers is completely useless to them!

This is the most guaranteed prevention you can take!


Yahoo Boys don't want you to know these secrets!

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3| Change Your PIN Regularly:

Most ATM card users leave their PIN code the same till the card expires.


To boost your security, change your ATM card PIN at least once a month!

You can change the PIN at any ATM near you. Just insert your card and look for "change PIN" option.

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4| Don't Use Your Date Of Birth As Your PIN:

I am not a wizard but I know 80% of my readers will be doing this.

A survey showed 80% of all PIN codes —not just ATMs— are the user's date of birth.

As you know, getting someone's birthday is every easy these days.

By going to your FB account for example, a fraudster can get your birthday date. And after looking at your picture, he can guess the year.

In fact, I myself have used this trick to open some of my friends phones! It did not end well for me...

5| Check Your Bank Statement Regularly:

I know that many of us don't read the messages that the bank send to us word-by-word.

The truth is "who has the time?" Right?

Well wrong! Not reading your bank messages —especially the monthly deductions can lead to big trouble!

When we see a debit alert of ₦60 for example, many of us will just ignore it thinking it's from the bank.

Some could actually be made from your ATM.

Yahoo boys, fraudsters and scammers can use tricks like these to deduct tiny amounts from thousands of people!

Though it might be little, it's still your money and this is painful.

6| Report ANY Problem Immediately:

Many of us wait till will loose out cards before we go to the bank to complain. This is good but not enough.

Any problem you have with your card should be reported, from as little as an unknown transaction alert to a "invalid card" error you see when using the ATM.

All problems should be treated as a major issue and you shouldn't be afraid of visiting the bank.

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Content created and supplied by: E.AOmolaju (via Opera News )



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