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How to make a Touch Pen in 2 Minutes.

Many retailers sell syluses to control your tablet or phone. It could be really expensive but why buy it when you can make it. Today I'll show you how to make a stylus in two minutes. All we need to make our touch pen is listed below.

1. Pen

2. A cotton bud

3. A scissors

4. Some tape preferably transparent tape.

5. Alluminium foil


1. Remove the ink from the pen.

2. Take the cotton bud and cut it in half.

3. Put it into the mouth of the pen.

4. Take a small piece of tape to secure it in.

5. Round it around the cotton bud and the mouth of the pen.

6. Take a small piece of aluminum foil.

7. Cut it in a square and round it around the cotton bud and the neck of the pen. But make sure it touches a part of the cotton bud.

8. Make sure it is secure so that the foil is pretty tied around the cotton bud.

9. Take another piece of tape and secure the foil to the pen.

10. Make sure the foil is touching the cotton bud because in order for this to work, static electricity has to go from your hand through the foil and onto the cotton bud. Then it will go into the screen of your phone or tablet.

11. The last thing you have to do is to add a drop of water on the mouth of the cotton bud so it conducts electricity.

12. Before using it always make sure the cotton bud is moist.

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Content created and supplied by: Charlezpj (via Opera News )

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