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How to identify if your phone is an original or a clone.

Hello it has been difficult for some people to differentiate between the original and a clone phone.

In our world of advance technology many things can happen, in a situation where a phone is been produced, along side you find the clone version of its self.

So these things are making it so hard to people to identify the original one, so my fellow citizens I think is will be of help if I share my experience with you so as not to fall victim of a clone phone.

There are many things that one can identify that a particular phone is clone, but the question is how do you go about identifying this phone.

Therefore some point will be mentioned out to help you out.

Dear reader I will like you to take your time and read through the article as many things will be discussed, I will like to share with you how I once a victim of such phone because that time I wasn't careful enough, so that makes me be a victim.

But my reader, I will analyse some of the common features of a phone which a clone phone doesn't have.

To differentiate a original phone.

First check the phone pack, that is the IM number if it correspond with the one when you dail *#06#.

Next check the weight of the phone, you will notice that the phone is not heavy compared to it's type.

Also check at phone icon as many clone phones are having a slight icon.

Check the build quality you will see that it is totally different. So with these mentioned above will guide you.

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