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Simple mistake we make while browsing and using social media that expose us to scammers.(stay safe)

Morning my readers and welcome to express news. Today I'll be exposing us to simple mistakes we make online everyday while browsing and the effect it having in on us.

What we don't know is that whenever we browse the net its either we are sending information or we are receiving information.

We make those mistake either on social media and while browsing the internet.

Mistakes we make on social media.

Since the introduction of social media, mode of communication become a lot easier as people find it very convenient to exchange information.

However, anything that has an advantage also have a disadvantage. While using the social media expecially WhatsApp you must have seen people sending videos and audio messages. From today stop opening videos from people you do not know as some of the files they sent you is meant to spy your caches and as we all know caches stored information about your phone including all the things you might have been doing online. Once they get that information about you they can easily hack you.

Again you must have seen some people that's not even on your contact list sending you link to a particular website telling you to do this and that and win something or either the government is giving away something that you should click to get yours.

My readers please if you have been doing those things before I advice you desist from it because they are only storing your information from your caches like I earlier explained. If not have you guys even got anything from it as they usually promised? The answer is left for you.

Some of them we go as far as asking you to submit your email and some other information just for the purpose of spamming you and noting more. Can I tell you one hidden truth?? Your email can also be used for money and if you don't believe me then browse about email marketing.

Mistakes we make while browsing.

This is also similar to the ones I already explained but the only thing I want to expose us to here is that you should never share your information on a website that doesn't have "https" before you start typing the "www". Because anyone without that is only meant to steal your information.

You may want to ask the kind of information that can be stolen. Well if you don't know now listen to me. If you're using Facebook or anything that requires you to enter your password your caches automatically store those information and when you provide any information about yourself they will have their way into your information.

Again don't download app or anything from any site that's not secured because such apps can monitor and alter some functions on your phone or possibly spam you. You might have notice that they are some apps you download and all of a sudden some things disappear on your phone mostly your contact and some other stuff so that's the type of app that also steals information.

In a nutshell.

Don't share your email address in a site that's not secured.

Don't open any link on WhatsApp leading you to a site that's giving out anything.

Whenever you finish browsing in a website you don't trust or that's not secured kindly wipe your caches immediately.

Don't download app from any website that's not trusted.

I hope this information is of help to someone and please do well to like and share this article and your comment will be mostly welcome.

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