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Dear Parents, If You Find These Things on Your Child's Phone, it Means He Watches Porn.

Dear Parents, If You Find These Things on Your Child's Phone, This is What it Means.

Good morning parents, I know well some people will insult me for this but we need to fight this new drug. Most of us, our children are addicted to adult movies but we don't know. We actually thought they can't know anything about it but trust me if you don't introduce it to them, their friends will and that will be very bad. Some of your children are even struggling with it, they want to stop but they are addicted so they find it very easy. They wish to say it out but you are just too strict. Here are 5 simple ways to know if your child especially boys watch these videos:

1. Two calculators: Dear parents, check the applications on your children phone especially Android phone. If you can see two different calculators there then something is definitely wrong. Mind you if it's scientific calculator, it can mean your child uses it for complex calculations. But if you see two calculators which aren't scientific, he or she must be watching adult movies. Don't prove to smart by clicking on the calculator because you will find nothing! Only the child knows what to press to bring out those hidden photos.

2. Muted WhatsApp TVs: Incase you don't know, some WhatsApp tvs post adult movies 24/7 on their status. To be on a safer side, your children would possibly mute these tvs so no one will know what's going on. When alone, they start watching these adult movies.

3. Passwords everywhere: Parents should always be observant. When you notice that your child feels insecure when you are with his phone and he has passwords all over everywhere, something must be going on. Some could be doing that probably because they are already in secondary School relationships in which they know very well you must not know about.

4. App freezer: If your child freezes some apps, please make sure they are normal apps. There are even some apps that can be used to freeze other apps except from app freezer. In the process, you could discover that your child doesn't watch adult videos but is into cybercrime we all know as 'yahoo yahoo'.

5. Frequent night plan: If your child doesn't worry you about data and you are wondering how he could get data to see these videos, he could be using night plans. If your child uses night plans too much and he is not doing something particular with his phone. Beware, he could be downloading them.

6. Telegram: If you observe lately, there has been several groups on telegram. If you use telegram very well, you will observe that you have been added to so many groups in which you Know nothing about lately. They just keep adding you Into these groups and even these bad groups! I had to delete my telegram at some point. Your child may not like watching it but could easily get tempted when he visits telegram.

Dear parents, if you discover your child truly watches it, don't swing into actions immediately. Don't beat the hell out of him instantly. Talk it out with him and know how he got to know about these movies. Trust me he could be hiding some with your phones and you will never know!

Content created and supplied by: Paultee (via Opera News )


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