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N-POWER Email Confirmation Issue

It's been 4 days now that a high percentage of N-Power applicant has been complaining of not receiving any confirmation mail in their respective email account which as caused so many people to panic.

Good news, you don't have to pay anyone to resolve the email confirmation issue for you. Don't be duped, as they have nothing they can help you with.

The reason you have not seen your email confirmation is the same reason with thousands of people in Nigeria, which is the fact that N-Power is having problem with their bulk email provider and BVN validation end points optimization, of which they are trying to resolve and will be resolved in no time.

Therefore, what you need to do now is to be more patient. Do not attempt to re-register as this will not solve the problem but resulted into multiple registration which is a violation of the law of N-Power registration. Remember not to pay anyone who has vowed to resolve your email confirmation issue.

However, some are into more panic due to the fear that they registered on there mobile phone which they attributed to not getting an email confirmation. Don't panic and rejoice more, for this is not happening to those that registered through their mobile phone alone, but the generality, based on luck. Some registered in Cafe and they are facing the same problem. While some even registered with their smartphone and they receive their email confirmation instantly. The confirmation email is not the device used for registration dependent. Therefore, keep checking and refreshing your email and you will receive your expectation.

Note that N-Power has not set any day for closing of registration portal.

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