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How To Build A Solar Panel At Home Using CDs

Solar-strengthened photoelectric modules changes sunlight into energy by alluring electrons in silicon cells through the usage of light photons provided by the sun. This energy can thereafter be utilized in providing your houses and industrial machineries with energy provided by renewable wellsprings.

During this digital era, majority of CDs-owners have dumped their CDs in representation of iTunes, MP3s, Video Players and so on. These CDs can absolutely be reused,

So we'll be taking advantage of their reflective surfaces to manufacture our own solar energy panel. The steps are definitely easy, so let's get started.


•Measure the precise designated length and breadth of your window and add four inches to both measurements made earlier. Cut out few boxes using your software knife to attain your designated enlarged size. For example, a 24-inch window with a length of 36 inches wants a rectangle of 28 inches and we'll make the length 40 inches and the breadth 32 inches.

•Paint the black areas of your cardboard. Leave the paint to dry for approximately 24 hours. If the cardboard requires several layers of paint, leave each layer to dry for 60 minutes before adding another one.

•Cut four square inches from each corner of the rectangle. Bend the edges of the cardboard until the corners collide to form a boxed container. The black area should be the inner section of the box. Mask the corners using tape.

•Organize your CDs in a row in the box with the reflective sides facing out. They occupy a minimal space due to the fact that almost all CDs are approximately 5 inches in size. Try to make the row as long as possible. The bottom row must be in contact with the bottom panel, and the upper row must be in contact with the top. This emphasizes how many CDs you need for this project. In this scenario, we'll be using 5 columns with 7 CDs each.

•Utilize a pencil in noting the center holes in the top and back rows of the CD. Remove the CD and cut out this hole with your knife. Mask the CD to this hole with glue. Attach the rest of the CD and spare a little area above the bottom row and below the top row.

•Cut 4 rectangular boxes with the dimensions 4 inches and three quarters as long as your area is wide. Lay it in your solar box in an area like a maze barrier. Spread the first quarter on thr left side of the box instantly above the bottom row of the CD, the second on the right side below the middle row and the third on the left side above the middle row and close to the right below the top row. Leave the glue to dry overnight.

Cut out a small plastic with dimensions 3 inches longer and wider than your box. Stretch the droplet over the provided box and mask it to the edge to ensure the seal is as tight as possible. Leave the glue to dry for about 24 hours. Make two holes in the top corner of the box and slide in the S-hook through each hole. Hang the solar panel in your window preferably the south side.

Hence, we're through with building our solar panel so let's enjoy unlimited energy from the sun.

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