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This is How The World May Look Like in 2050 and it's Not What We Hoped For

More oversight

Every year, digital monitoring is becoming cheaper and easier, so that governments and companies can not stop monitoring us unless they must do so. We would see public oversight and social inspection of the same kind in China, although this continues much further and unfortunately we can not do anything to avoid that.

First Libertarian (Anarcho-Capital) Government will be Born

A lack of free land is the biggest barrier to the creation of a democratic society. All the land is split up among governments for a long time and they do not want to give them even if it is bought from them. However, future technologies will make it possible for individuals to construct cheaper artificial islands and other landmasses at terra nullius and thus give space for residential settlements. The safety of a large army is another challenge to create a new nation and a lack of funds to sustain it. Even 1000 people (with ample funds) can use military robotics to have high-powered AI devices and defeat the army of another nation.

The world's biggest currency will be Bitcoin

Several analysts predict that Bitcoin will be taking over FIAT in one to three years, following the next global economic downturn. Within 10 to 20 years and by 2050, the government-sponsored funds will be regarded as something dated from the 20th century's communism.

Along with Bitcoin, a few additional cryptocurrencies that have real advantages survive, but the total usage of the Bitcoin application is less than 10%. It creates a super IA that transcends people's intelligence. It is just time, as the computing power of the machinery doubles every two years and computers are 30 thousand times quicker and smarter by 2050 (in 32 years). The emergence of non-human superintelligence is maybe even smarter than human AI before 2050 and by 2050.

Biological immortality will be achieved

This fundamentally means that through special medical care science will extend a stable human life into infinity. This does of course not mean that you will cease dying because it is likely that this treatment is not available in the poorest part of the planet and that our bodies are not harmful.

Extreme birth control will be implemented

Overcrowding is a key issue and the only reason why birth is too big. Birth rates in most western countries have already dropped below that of naturally occurring children (2 children per 2 adults). But this is already too large in developed nations and the overcrowding crisis we face is large because of that country. Governments either limit families to a single child or, in the future, forcefully sterilize individuals. Not the future but the past are babies. Babies.

Robots will take over our jobs

In several decades, robots will be able to do all the physical work that we do, beginning with cutting hair and getting our food ready for use at the restaurant. Many jobs are replaced by robots already, so progress is not required. When the robots overtake the workers there will be two issues.

1st:Most people ( especially the poorly educated) are not working and can not support themselves. This will lead to the birth of a large group of poor people who can not even meet the basic standards of living while, at the same time, bringing together many more rich classes or communities. Governments in rich countries may provide their citizens with a basic income, but poor countries have no money. If you are clever and ready, the only way to make a living is by a business. That's the rental to someone else of a self-driving or robot help because you have the money to purchase it.

2nd: Some of the services and products will be much less expensive. The overwhelming share of the cost of the goods or services is the cost of labor, as it is typically the most costly portion. Future production of equipment, products, and services, however, would be much cheaper. Taking for example the auto taxi. You will no longer have to pay the driver 's salary (usually half the cost) to provide taxi transport and companies can charge half the rates.

Most physical interactions will be replaced by robotic interactions

By 2050, our assistants, secretaries, and sex robots should be advanced. They look like so many people we can fulfill our social needs by engaging with them. It will also be much easier to interact with robots. We won't be frustrated, frustrated, or tired (because their principal motive is to help us). We 're not going to have our own will anymore. They are better friends because we no longer have to take their interests or wishes into account and agree on them. Human-to - human interaction will be reduced to a minimum because it is extremely difficult to deal with others.

In Virtual Reality, most human-to-human interactions will occur

Regardless of the rising incoherences that will join the modern world in our daily lives. Everything physical reality. It's a true reality. We not only spend increasingly free time on a virtual tour, meeting people and watching movies there, in our avatars. Our lives should look much like Surrogates' footage, except we don't all have virtual secondary bodies. Knowledge of virtual reality should grow, as in real life all kinds of stuff happen to you or that you may be the victims of a crime.

It will become more difficult to cross borders and to fly intercountry.

It will become more difficult to go from country to country because of the explosive growth of illegal immigration and terrorism since they all severely limit foreign entry. Third-world people would find it especially difficult to enter the western world. These may also be several island countries where all transport except for the air may be easier to control. There will be no better planet, and the government will have to take drastic action to drive out the unwelcome migrants.

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