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The Greatest Tragedy Of Life

Man is a creature of purpose but a lot of people go through life without discovering the purpose of their being created.

Before an inventor or producer of a product sets out on the process of invention or production, he has a specific need he wants to meet. The product is meant to serve a particular purpose for humanity. Any attempt to exchange such purpose will be met with grave frustration.

As expensive as a gold wrist watch may be, it can never do the job of a pencil whose cost may be a fraction of a thousand. This is same for other products. The owner of the said products can only derive maximum satisfaction when each product is used for the purpose the manufacturer intended for it's creation. The buyer does not determine the purpose. Any attempt to do that will result in abuse of the said product.

Likewise, man is a creature made for a unique purpose. Just like simple products, God determines the purpose of creating each being. Purpose is divided into 2 broad categories.

(a) General Purpose of Creation

The general purpose of creating man was for him to continue with the work of Creation which God started. God laid the foundation of all creations and created man as a higher being in His image. He gave man the wisdom and strength to control other creatures. This involves the manipulation of other creatures and resources for man's benefit. Man has extensively done this even to the extent of endangering humanity. Yet a lot more still needs to be done in every sphere of human endeavour.

(b) Discovery of Personal Purpose

The second and most important aspect is self discovery and walking in the fullness of the discovered self. Over 90 percent of human race fail in this aspect. And there lies the tragedy of man. No wonder Myles Munroe said that the wealthiest spots on the Earth are the cemeteries. This is because buried in the cemetery are unwritten books, inventions that never saw the light of the day, skyscrapers that were only in people's minds, ingenious products that were never produced, great skills that were never developed e.t.c.

The creator expects us to enquire diligently to unravel the great purpose for our being created. But man is often engrossed with the non essential cares of this life. You can begin the journey to self discovery by sincerely asking your self the question "why am I here on the Earth?". I believe God created me for a purpose; what is it? Until you successfully discover yourself, abuse will be inevitable.

In our next article in this series, we shall guide you on this journey of self Discovery.

Follow us for the rest of the articles in this series. Your comments will bless and guide many.

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