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Some interesting facts of our world today

In this world of ours there are still some wonders or facts yet to be discovered.We as human beings are always curious to know what's happening in our environment and in the world,increasing in knowledge day by day,we find new ways to do things,we invent a whole new bunch of technology and we develop new ideas every single day.But knowing new things day after day is just normal for humans,you could call it science but to me its just the wonder of God's greatest creation.So discovering new things about this world of ours is no new development to us,its just our nature.You could even say we are all scientists in our own way because we all learn new things.Like they say "You never stop learning".

So without further delay here are some facts in our world of today;

Well there you go some interesting facts in our wold today,i am pretty sure there are more but i will leave you with this for now.I hope you enjoyed it comment and like if you did.

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