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Apps that every smartphone user needs to have.

Hello there, readers. Today, I'm going to be showing some of best apps that every smartphone user needs to have.

1. Sleep Cycle.

Sleep is one of the most vital features of the body. If you get a little sleep than required, you will be ill-equiped to handle the day's tasks, and if you oversleep, you may end up missing your responsibilities. Sleep Cycle helps your body get the appropriate amount of sleep by monitoring your sleeping patterns and waking you up when it senses that it is the best time.

2. IFTTT.In full, it stands for If This Then That. Essentially, IFTTT looks to eliminating monotonous routine. For example, if you post a picture on Instagram, it automatically shares the post on Twitter. This way, you don't have to spend alot of time repeating a mundane routine.

3. Todoist.What was the thing you wanted to do today? With Todoist, you won't have to worry about trying to remember everything. You can create any type of list you want with Todoist. To-do list, shopping list, schedule all your daily tasks and so on. Whenever the activity comes close, the app will remind you.

4. Coach.Me.Coach.Me is a community app that allows you to connect and motivates each other to stick to new habits and routines. This app enables anyone to have many accountability partners while forming new habits.

5. Calm.Simply put, Calm is your go-to app regarding guided meditations and sleep stories to reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness and develop gratitude. It's user interface is amazingly well designed and their scenes and sounds are of high quality.

6. Duolingo.

Throughout the years, Duolingo has become the reference app regarding language Lea. The developers of this app have successfully built it in a way to help you learn any new language you want for free and in a fun way.

7. Lumosity.This app will help you get smarter. Lumosity is an app designed by skilled neurologists and it's work is to help you get smarter. The app has various turnkey challenges that are geared to help improve your memory, attention span and logic.

8. Wattpad.If you're into writing, then this is the app for you. Wattpad is app made to connect readers who are interested in writing with other writers. You can also find good articles to read in this app.

9. Family Locator 360.

This is an ideal app for families. With this app, you can keep tabs on registered family members. If a family member is lost, the others can track him/her down.

10. Asana.This is an app used to promote teamwork. It takes down the activities each individual is suppose to do and stipulates a finish timer. This way, it's clear whose responsibilities are done and whose isn't. It presses on each user's target and eliminates time wastage.

Well, that's all I've got for today. Please drop your comments in the comments section and be sure to follow me on Opera News.

Thank you!

Content created and supplied by: UtyohMichael (via Opera News )

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