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12 Important Facts About Mobile Apps

I'm an avid fan of android and mobile apps and that is because they make life easier.

Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives and the rate at which people all over the world are ditching their laptops in favour of smart phones is quite exponential.

It is estimated that Google play store has 3.3 million apps while Apple app store has 2.2 million apps.

It is safe to say that creating mobile apps for android and iOS is big business and smart people with good knowledge of coding are making millions of naira and dollar from it.

Let us examine these twelve facts about mobile apps and learn from them.

1. Mobile apps are easy to create. You can use any of the free websites for creating apps or learn to create apps from scratch within a month or two.

2. The twelve most downloaded apps on Google play store are:

• Google play services

• YouTube

• Google maps

• Google

• Gmail

• Google Text-to-Speech

Google Chrome

• Facebook

• Google play music

• Android Accessibility Suite

• Google Drive

• Whatsapp Messenger

Each of these apps have more than 5 billion downloads.

3. In 2020, mobile app clocked 12 years old. That means mobile app is still preparing to enter its teen years. And its future is very bright indeed.

4. Over 5 billion people make use of mobile apps and that number is increasing exponentially.

5. 57 percent of the world population are connected to the internet using mobile apps.

6. 194 billion apps were downloaded in 2018.

7. Mobile games accounted for 33% of app downloads in 2018.

8. 50 percent of global app downloads originate from China.

9. 90 percent of apps on app store are free while that of play store stands at 95 percent.

10. Social media apps are the most popular apps on Google play and app store; and Facebook dominates this space.

11. The most downloaded mobile game both on play store and app store is Helix Jump.

12. You can use mobile apps to do over 90% of what you would normally use a laptop or desktop to do. 

I believe that the mobile app is still in its infancy and the probability of growth is quite high in this new technology ecosystem.

What do you prefer to use, mobile apps or desktop apps?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section and make sure you follow me bumper to bumper. Thanks.

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