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See top inventions that can make crude oil obsolete

These inventions can make crude oil become obsolete

- Solar energy

Solar energy is simply radiation gotten from the sun that produce heat and other chemical reactions. This radiation can be harnessed by special equipment and then converted to produce clean and efficient green energy which can be used to power households thereby reducing both noise and air pollution from generators.

Since it's discovery, solar energy has helped to fight global warming and make life easier, scientists have gone further to invent solar powered items used everyday around the world. The advent of solar energy has also helped numerous households to save costs on electricity bills as heating, cooling and other utilities are now fully solar powered, solar energy provides clean and sustainable energy, the best part is that solar energy is renewable and infinite. What you will need to power your house with solar energy includes:

- An inverter

- Solar panels

- Deep cell cycle batteries

- your electricity usage, this will help you to know the electrical requirements for your house but for the best evaluation, i prefer you consult an expert solar technician not only will this help you make the right choice of equipment to purchase but it will also help with reliable warranties and after sales service.

- Bio-gas

Bio-gas is energy derived from the decomposition of organic matter under conditions involving the absence of oxygen.

The process is simple but must be meticulously followed to ensure that the best yield is produced.

Biogas can be produced from agricultural waste, manure and animal droppings. The ingredients are mixed with water and sent to a large tank( bio digester) where it is stored for a period of 3 weeks to a month. After this period, the gas that has accumulated in the tank is then collected, cleaned of all impurities and then compressed to combustion standards. There is no waste as the tank is drained of water and the residue is dried and sold as manure to farmers. Biogas can be used for cooking, heating, and generating electricity. It is a renewable form of energy, but it is very expensive to both establish and maintain a biogas plant with construction costs exceeding over 30 million naira, but it still an innovative form of energy has its contribution to the reduction of the dependence on crude oil is increasing daily.

- Electric cars

With tech mongers like Elon musk and his company Tesla, we have been absorbed into the new wave of the electric car innovations. This innovation is now global as other automobile making companies are venturing into the electric car production.

The most interesting thing about these cars is that they have a milage of over 600 kilometers on a single charge, they are environmental friendly and they are easy to use.

- Wind turbines

Wind turbines are basically big fans that transform the winds kinetic energy into electricity.When the wind blows past a wind turbine, its blades capture the wind kinetic energy and rotate, turning it into mechanical energy. This rotation turns an internal shaft connected to a gearbox, which increases the speed of rotation by a factor of 100it then spins a generator that produces electricity. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy, it emits clean free sustainable energy for all although it is very expensive to build, install and maintain.

- Hydro power

Water doesn't have enemy, Ever heard of energy from water? Now you do! Hydro power is the harnessing of the energy gotten from running or falling water. It is a renewable energy like other energy sources mentioned before. But a hydro power plant is needed to convert the energy into electricity. It is very expensive to build and maintain and is used in advanced countries, it is a project usually carried out by the government on a large scale.Nevertheless the it produces clean, green and sustainable energy.

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