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Hacker steals almost N42M ($110K) by hacking the Twitter accounts of bill gates, Kenye, others.

Twitter has indeed become the homage and sanctuary of many people especially celebrities who uses the platform to Interact with their fans and also sell their talents. So it's no surprise that most of the world's most powerful and Influencial persons are in Twitter.

Online fraud and security have always been a very sensitive issue as many people access these platforms without any sort of security check. Anybody can come online and basically do things anonymously. This is the case of the current fraudulent activities of a hacker who hacked the accounts of some of the world most influential people to be able to convince their fans to send money to a particular Bitcoin wallet and get it doubled.

Accounts hacked by Bitcoin scammers:

- Bill Gates

- Elon Musk

- Joe Biden

- Warren Buffett

- Kanye West

- Michael Bloomberg

- Apple

- Uber

- Jeff Bezos

- Barack Obama

- Benjamin Netanyahu

How did the Hacker do this?

After the hacking all these accounts, he went ahead to ask fans to donate to a certain Bitcoin wallet as seen in the screenshots below and then told them that he was going to double what ever amount that was sent to the wallet as an act of philanthropy.

Seeing these trusted faces, people were quick to send their bitcoins to the wallet, until they discovered it was a scam later. Below are screenshots of the hackers tweets and people's reactions.

Content created and supplied by: PenGod007 (via Opera News )

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