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Amaikpu village Sign board: A hilarious sign board causing confusion on Facebook

Wonders they say shall never end. It's said that it's because someone is yet to travel made him or her to think that things don't happen other places. It's when someone travels that he or she will see things.

There is this sign post that someone uploaded on a particular Facebook group "Igbo Rant HQ." This writing on this sign post got everyone that read the write up talking and laughing because of the meaning of what was written there which I don't think I am going to explain now.

The sign post has a write up which says "Welcome to Amaikpu village........" It's only Igbo people will be able to read and understand it. I wish I can explain it but I can't. Just ask any Igbo person around you to help you with the explanation.

You can see the sign post below here.

An hour after the picture of this sign post was uploaded, it got over 2k comments. Some of the comments there include.

It's really funny but according to the write up, the village must be around Nsukka. If there is anyone that knows the village, he or she should please tell us the location. Lol. Funny indeed.

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