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Checkout The Photo That Is Causing Confusion Among Twitter Users

When you surf the internet, you see a lot of pictures. These pictures are understandable and self explanatory. For example, if you see a boy with a football, you will understand he is trying to playing ball. Also if you see a girl on a skateboard, you will understand she is trying to skate.

But there are some certain pictures that are confusing. These pictures can cause a lot confusion because you have to think hard to decode them or understand them. These types of pictures require you think deeper like you are trying to solve a riddle.

Recently, a picture shared on the internet has been trending. It has been causing great confusion among Internet users. In the picture a man is seen standing and a girl is seen right in front of him and looking like she is flying. 

Twitter users have been trying to decode and solve the picture but it seems very tough. Different answers have been entering in the reply box but nobody seems to agree to one answer.

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