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When searching for a research video on YouTube, pray never to meet a Nigerian

Information these days are much easier to harness. Depending on what you are looking for, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and the likes comes in handy. For example, if you desire to learn about fish farming, there is enough information out there on the internet to guild you step by step almost without any physical tutoring from anyone. 

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So many have embraced YouTube because here, you can download videos and watch over and over again until the lecture sinks in. But pray rather not to come across a video uploaded by a Nigerian, otherwise you will hear things like " to make floating fish feed, you need to add a special ingredient to your mix. To know this, call me on 080********" . Others advertise stuffs like snail feeds that are supposed to make your snails grow fast. They tell you that not all forms of calcium is beneficial to snails, and they too displays their mobile number. 

When you pick up your phone to call them, they charged you all sorts of fees for divulging their secrets and for consultation. Meanwhile, a little persistence will make you come across much better videos on YouTube, on the same topic, not barricaded by secrecy or financial gains.Sometimes my people fail to realize that a research finding that is not exposed and tested by all remains just a research work. We keep too many secrets to ourselves. Too much information is not shared, thereby limiting the amount of input our research can possibly get from others. Share your knowledge, open up your mental space and let others review what you have to offer. For, it is only in that way that iron can sharpen iron.

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