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Stop Throwing Your "Battery” Away And Learn How To make it work

Our mobile phone battery is something that we don't joke with, we may lose our earphones and charger but not our battery because Is the only source and the only reason why we can use our phones.

But we make some mistake when will try to dispose our battery, Maybe because it was not original or it has been damage by your through excess charging.

Stop waisting money and revive your battery.

here are some simple steps to revive your phone battery at home.

Step 1.

Get a wire, not too long and cut it into two equal half.

Step 2.

After cutting it make they are equal, and you cut out the skin that covers the wire at both edge's ( see the image below ).

Step 3.

Locate the socket within your room and insert your wire into it.

Notice; don't make use of an extension as this may result to it being damaged.

Step 4.

Bring your battery and hold it, place one of the wire on the positive ( + ) side of the battery, and the other at the negatives ( - ) side and on your socket.

This will surely spark, after that just off the socket, get your phone and insert your battery.

On your phone and your good to go, very easy and reliable.

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Thank you and God bless. STAY SAVE

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