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Which City In Nigeria Can You Find This Kind Of Lady? See People's Answers On Facebook

Most states and cities in Nigeria are know for one thing or the other. Most of these states and cities have been doing one thing that have become a part of their everyday life which has become their identity. People can easily identify and tell you which city you reside in Nigeria by the way you behave and how you carry yourself. Things like your dressing and language can easily give you away.

For example, places like Lagos are known for being rowdy or over populated. This has made the land of Lagos to be known for notoriety or criminality. The presence of area boys popularly called "agberos" are seen here and there in some parts of Lagos causing public nuisance or trouble. This has equally impacted the way Lagosians live their daily life. Your bags, wallets or other valuables can be snatched away if you aren't careful with them while walking through some parts of Lagos.

There is a popular slogan that is known or associated with Lagos State. That slogan is "Shine your eyes" which means you need to be very careful in Lagos if you don't want to fall a victim to fraudsters or scammers. The photo above shows a lady who is holding her handbag carefully in the midst of the crowd. She even tied a cloth round her waist to prevent any form of bag snatching from pilfers or petty thieves. Her photo generated many reactions on Facebook and below are some of them..

Which City do you think that lady is probably living in? Feel free to comment on this article.

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