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Negative Impacts Of power bank on your phone battery

The white men introduce another source of power you can use to charge your phones which is powerbank. It also have some negative effects ,if you don't use it properly.

Though power bank is good and useful for a phone,but if the quality is bad, it can destroy the phone's battery and even the charging port. Here are some cases of negative Impacts of using power bank.

1. When you over charge with power banks: power banks should be used sparingly. Using power banks to constantly charge your phone can damage your battery. Avoid using power banks to charge your phone to 100%. If you keep overcharging, the battery might not retain power for long again.

2. If your power bank has the wrong voltage: if your power bank has a low or the wrong voltage, it can damage your phone's circuit or kill the battery. The best voltage to charge a ohone is 5.2V. if a power bank produces less than this, please don't use it at all, it can damage your phone.

3. Using a bad quality power bank: when you are using a power bank that has a low quality, it can affect your phone and damage your charging port. Even when charging with it, your phone or the power bank can explode. Always check the quality of the power bank before you buy it. Make sure it is quality and original .

Follow this rules and you will enjoy yput phone and your power bank. Thanks for reading.

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