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How to download videos on YouTube without a mobile application

Over the years people have experienced difficulties when downloading videos on YouTube, but the trick I am about to unveil is what I have been using for years and it's still working, this trick is quite simply and easy to understand,I have been using it for years . I use operamini before to do it but it stopped working on opera so I switched to UC browser. I will try the best way I can to explain with screen shots.

First step:type on your browser, It would direct you to YouTube page

Second step:go to YouTube search icon and input the video title you intend to download eg;Third step:click on the your choice video after it has shown many optionsFourth step:before or after the video starts playing, go to the https icon mostly at the top of the video and click on it ,scroll to your left you would see two characters "M."immediately after the https change it to "SS" it would redirect you to another page automatically

Fifth step:click on your choice video format, most times I use "mp4 360" but if you want the best quality I would suggest you use "mp4 720" format then the download directions would pop up, you follow the directions to download as seen in the pictures below your choice video is saved on your mobile device ,you can watch anytime you wish without data. Hope you learnt a thing or two, like share and comment. Thank you

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