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How To Restrict Hackers From Hacking Your Social Media and Bank Accounts

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In the past, we've heard cries of how the accounts of our friends has been hacked, in most instances some say, the impersonator extorts money from the contacts of the original account owner. In more severe cases, hackers in fact, try to hack, hijack and/or create catfish accounts of a government run account with the sole aim to dupe people of their hard earned monies/assets or create a bad impression of them to the general public. This is the very nature of cyber crime, and like other socital ills, hacking which is not ethical tends to maim the image of the real account owner within the public space and beyond. While the government must deploy her technical expertise, and resources to help curb cyber crimes in the future, let us not forget that we, as a people, are also the GOVERNMENT- for without the citizenry, the GOVERNMENT of any nation is incomplete. This article shows a step to step guide on how to restrict hackers from gaining access into your social media accounts, and bank accounts- yes, you read that right; YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS. The Social media accounts that will be discussed in detail here are your Facebook, and WhatsApp Accounts.  

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Go to your Facebook Account Settings, Click on it, scroll down to security, click on it, then navigate your way to "SECURITY & LOGIN", Scroll to USE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION, Click on it, you will receive a pop-up notification asking you to fill in your info, relax, then carefully fill it in, and try to avoid mistakes of any sorts. A CODE will be sent to the phone number, which you that account was opened with, SAVE the code and NEVER reveal the code to anyone.


Click on the "3 DOTS" at the RIGHT HAND CORNER of your WhatsApp account, carefully navigate to SETTINGS, click on SETTINGS, then find your way to ACCOUNT, click on it, scroll down to to TWO STEP VERIFICATION, click on it, scroll down to ACTIVATE, You'll reciecve a pop-up asking you to choose your SECRET CODE, which is usually a quad numeric pin(4 figures). NEVER REVEAL YOUR CODE TO ANYBODY.


IF YOU DO MOBILE BANKING from your phone, there is need to put a PIN on your SIM, otherwise your account can be wipe clean anytime you lose your phone or your phone is stolen. The process to do is very simple but if ignored can cost you all your life savings.

For those who don't know about it yet, just follow this simple steps to protect hacking of your bank account through SIM THEFT.

1. Go to SETTINGS in Your phone. 


3. Go to SIM CARD LOCK. 

4. Click on LOCK SIM CARD.

5. Enter Your mobile network default SIM CARD PIN.

*For MTN users it is "00000".                         *For AIRTEL users it is "1111".

*For 9mobile users it is "0000"     

* For GLO users, it is "0000"   

6. After entering the MOBILE NETWORK DEFAULT PIN, under it You will see " CHANGE SIM PIN", click on it to change to Your unique 4 digit pin,

7. Confirm Your unique 4 digits PIN by entering it again & YOU ARE DONE.

So anytime You "On" Your phone You will be prompted to enter Your SIM CARD PIN just as You will be prompted to enter Your phone lock PIN or Draw Your PATTERN each time You "START" (POWER ON) Your phone.

With the ACTIVATION OF SIM LOCK on Your phone, Your money can never be withdrawn from Your bank account through your SIM because Your SIM will be useless in their hands since it is blocked and You will not be under tension to go and block or retrieve Your stolen SIM.

Please, kindly share this information with Your loved ones because the rate of phone theft these days are alarming as they (phone thieves) are not just after the phone but SIM CARDS linked to Your bank account.

Now, considering how powerful you are, given that Information is power, you can have a 100% control of your social media and bank accounts. Exercise your power today by protecting your accounts and your good repute before the Public, then we can now collectively call on the Government to ensure that the full wrath of the law be given to any perpetrator of Cyber crime.

Content created and supplied by: King_Ifeanyi (via Opera News )


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