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Why Your SIM Card Would Be Replaced Soon By The E-SIM.

The traditional physical SIM card including the nano sim cards would soon become an obsolate technology due to the emergence of the much smarter and improved E-Sim technology  for phones and other smart devices.

A SIM card allows a subscriber to access the cell towers of a particular network provider to connnect to other subscribers within it network or other network service provider.

The term S.I.M stands for “subscriber identity module,” which contains the information that authenticates your identity to a carrier network.

 What Is An E-SIM

The term E-SIM stand for electronic or embedded SIM, which replaces the traditional physical SIM cards on our phones and devices.

The e-SIM technology is built right into your device or phone and contains a tiny chip that is used to authenticate your identity with your network service provider.

Benefit Of The E-SIM

While we expect in the next few years the perfection of the e-SIM technology by service providers and phone manufacturers,here are some benefit of the new electronic SIM over it physical SIM counterpart.

1). No need to swap SIM cards again when moving to areas with a different service provider network than you original sim.

2). With an e-SIM you don't have to switch phones to change to a different network provider,you can easily switch to a new network on your device quickly without opening any part of the device,no fuss about that.

3). No need for replacement of physical SIM cards when at home or when a particular network is down for a long time.

4). You can easily switch to a new network provider directly from that same phone you are using.

5).Nigerians love having every network provider SIM available,well the e-SIM is exactly the solution as you can manage multiple accounts as long as you are a dual SIM user.

6).It gives phone manufacturers an extra room to make phone smaller or insert other features.

7). The e-SIM users will be able to link multiple compatible devices and smart wearables such as tablets, smartwatches and others to their profile after registration on their network providers.

 8). Will make other smart device smaller and more sleek in design,and probably extra room for more battery power.

Manufacturers And Devices Already With E-SIM Technology.

A couple of phone manufacturers and service providers already using and trying out the E-SIM techonology includes;

1). I Phones

2). samsung

3). Windows

4). Google

5). AT & T

6). Motorola


8). Verizon

9). Mtn

Mtn Unveils The Trial Of The E-SIM.

On Wednesday 15th of july 2020,MTN Nigeria Plc unveiled the trial of E-SIM services on its network to improve customer experience and maintain the highest quality of service for its customers.

Mazen Mroue, Chief Operating Officer, MTN Nigeria, said that the evolution of E-SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules cards) was designed to deliver unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

"The CEO, however, said that the E-SIMs were particularly useful for people who wanted to manage personal and business lines easily and effectively, or want a separate profile for data.

He noted that the new technology would also be extremely convenient for frequent travellers and tourists, making it easier for them to opt for and keep a local subscription when visiting Nigeria.

Mroue disclosed that the trial would run for one year and open on a first come first served basis to a limited number of subscribers."

In summary,the E-SIM would eventually phase out the traditional SIM of now,and also change the way the next generation of phones are manufactured to support it features and use.

But from now till it fully kicks into every phone and network providers services, we all love our traditional removeable SIM Cards till it technological and superior successor is perfected for everyone's use.

Content created and supplied by: Gilbertogf (via Opera News )



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