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If Someone Secretly does Something on your Phone, just dial this code to see what he did.

Let's be honest there are times people use our phones for things we don't know. They desist from telling us probably because they used it to spy on our WhatsApp messages, watched some videos or even delete some personal stuffs.

A friend of mine once collected my phone and deleted some pictures from it. We all have right to our privacy. It could even be our parents checking our phones

This morning, I have a simple trick that I know you would love. It is just a code you will have to dial and then you follow these instructions.

It will automatically show what was done last on the phone. This is not a scam code, Don't be ignorant. I'm sure you would thank me after dialing the code.

Step 1: Dial this code on your phone

Step 2: It will bring out options for you then you pick which exactly you want. To check what was done last or the last app the person went, you then click on usage statistics.

Step 3: This is the final step, you see everything that has been done on your phone.

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