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The Good Thing about the Embedded SIM (eSIM) introduced by MTN

Technology makes life easy for us. New technologies are been created everyday. Technology has taken over so many things in our lives. In every area of our lives,there must be a technology that we make use to get things done. One of such technology is the mobile phone. Over the years, mobile phone have evolved and with it comes the SIM Card. Few years ago, when people started using mobile phones, the SIM cards were big in size. As mobile phone transformed, so did SIM cards, which changed from Macro SIM to NaNo SIM.

On the 15th, July, 2020, MTN became the first telecommunications network in Nigeria to launched a NaNo SIM, referred to as embedded SIM (eSIM).

A SIM simply means Subscriber Identity Modules. eSIM is just a SIM card that is inside the phone. It is an inbuilt SIM. Just as we have inbuilt battery so, an eSIM is an inbuilt SIM.

The good thing about the eSIM is that:

(1)It works and performs every function just like the normal SIM card.

(2) It allows you to make and receive calls, send messages, browse the internet, and chat on social media just like the other SIM card.

(3) it can not get lost, damaged or stolen unlike the normal sim card.

(4) it allows you to have more than one phone number in your device. That is, it can accommodate two different lines.

(5) it does not require you cutting a SIM card to fit into the sim card slot.

(6) it is very easy to switch between network operators.

According to MTN, the eSIM will be available to a limited number of people with compatible phones based on first come, first served. You can get the eSIM from any MTN store. Walk into any MTN store, meet the customer care agent, who will check if your phone is compatible. If it is, then you will be directed on how to set up the eSIM.

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