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Advice from my father's FRIEND.

The text contains SACRED words, readers discretion is strongly advised.

It's being more than a decade now since I lost my biological father and as I was ruminating over it like a lamb seeking pastures, I could only but hear echos of words from one of his friends who looked at me and said, son can I have a word with you? Yes please I responded as I gazed at him with rapt attention. He said to me, when you grow up never try to get to the end of any 'PUSSY'. It's a way with no ending in sight. If you ever go through it, make sure you come out of it alive because if you try to get to the end you may END. Others cautioned him as I was only a boy. But he insisted that he was preparing me for the after life of uncertainty. My father later passed and I wouldn't exactly know for sure if that drunk had passed too. Annoyingly, my mother of a blessed memory disdained those circles of friends my father had and would do anything humanly possible to ensure they don't ever visit.

Now I'm all grown and as a writer, I realised that what kills a man is the man himself. He fabricated a 'GUN' to inject it's releases of semen into the heart of another man making it cease from pumbing blood to circulate his veins. When he dies, he realises that he has destroyed himself by himself with an encrypted weaponry jingling by his thighs. A gun is designed to look like a 'PENIS'. The trigger is his 'SCROTUM'. Atomic war heads, sub-marines, air planes and rockets are all built to look like his 'DICK' head. All known inventions even a medical syringe aligns alike. Man uses himself to destroy himself. Instead of protecting self from natural and man- made illnesses, he transmits it to the next man for a lucrative enterprise. Till date, man is still barbaric and hunting self with technology, viruses, economic policies and colour variations. He is still suffering from mental dwarfism.

On the other hand, the woman had always been a way, providing incomparable smoothness and soothing relieves as we ride in at will. We embrace our end as we endlessly keep going through this way with no end behind. She is like the space ending planes in crashes, she is like the sea with innumerable lives crying out in wrecks for help as the end envelopes them in great despair. She is like the road crashing our long erecting vehicles thrusting through hard times to survive. Yet she breeds more men seeking to unfold latent potentials just to be the solution to a destroying self.

And finally, she brings to birth ONE who says I am the WAY, the TRUTH and LIFE. He is the WAY with life in it and the truth that ends well. JESUS is the way to a blissful end and life. I urge you to safe self from self by finding self in CHRIST. That way, the WOLRD would be SAVED and PROTECTED from self.

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