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How to Buy a New Charger Without stress

The originally packaged smartphone chargers, popularly known as "follow-come chargers", are honestly a blessing. On all occasions of my using a follow-come charger, never have I been disappointed for once. It's like there's some special or magical advantage that they have over separately bought charger replacements. 

Buying a new smartphone charger can be an incredibly daunting venture given the inconsistencies of generic, separately bought chargers.

 There are so many fake chargers in the market today (even packaged) that it's become very hard to buy a genuine one that actually charges your phone fast. This makes it easier to waste your money on a charger that will waste your time. 

If you don't have a reliable, popular brand which you can always run to, one thing you can do to save you stress and waste of money is to find someone whose charger you love and ask them to get you that exact charger or show you exactly where they bought that particular charger. 

If the above tips aren't viable and you have to shop for a charger yourself, here are some important things to look out for when buying a new charger. 

First off, you want to buy the charger from a shop that will allow you to test the charger for some minutes before paying. Monitor how fast it increases your phone's battery percentage over a couple of minutes (maybe 5).

 If it adds as much as 4% in 5 minutes, the charger's a really good match for your phone. This tip is very important for estimating the charger's speed before handing over your money. If the battery hasn't added up to 2% in 5 minutes, you can point this out to the seller so they can offer you a better one. 

If the charger is a detachable one (with a separate head and cord), this poses another problem. There are actually slow cords that will slow down charging even if the charger's head is good and there are heads that are slow and will charge slowly regardless of the efficiency of the cord. Therefore, keep this in mind when testing a new charger. 

These tips should make your next charger purchase a bit easier and, hopefully, yield you a charger that you'd be greatly satisfied with. 

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