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See 7 Ways You Can Extend The Battery Lifespan Of Your Smartphone

The battery of a smartphone degrades easily and continuously due to the bad habits incorporated by its user. For the battery life span of a smartphone to be conserved and extended much longer, put the following tips to use:

1. Avoid Draining Your Battery All The Way To Zero Percent.

Continuously using your smartphone until it gods off by itself is a very bad habit that should be stopped if you really want to extend its lifespan.

When this happens repeatedly, the ability of the smartphone to store power degrades at a much faster rate than normal. That's when you realize you need to get a new battery.

Note that with every charge cycle, the ability of your smartphone to save power degrades slightly. The implication of this bad habit is that the more you drain and charge your battery, the more the lifespan of the battery reduces. Therefore, keep this in check by avoiding the complete drainage of your battery or charging more frequently.

2. Activate The Screensaver Of Your Smartphone.

Almost all(if not all) smartphones have a battery saver program installed on it by the manufacturers and it's only advantageous if you make good use of it. When in use, the battery saver of your smartphone reduces the brightness of the screen and keeps only the most important aspects of the smartphone working; thereby boosting the lifespan of the battery.

3. Eliminate Redundant Or Infrequently Used Apps From The Background Of Your Smartphone.

While you might be oblivious to it, maintaining too many apps on the background of your smartphone drains its battery way too much than you can imagine. So, the ideal thing is to eliminate from your background every app that you're not using at a specific time , instead of minimizing the apps while your battery continues to degrade.

4. Turn Off Every Notification.

A smartphone utilizes a lot of energy to keep every app functioning properly. Instead of stocking your screen with notifications from different apps, you can decide to turn off notifications for some or all apps and click on the apps only when you need them. This also drastically reduces the rate of battery consumption.

5. Organize The Apps On Your Home screen.

Almost everyone using a smartphone is guilty of this. Most of us keep many frequently used apps on our home screen in order to access them easily but it does more harm than good. Keeping your home screen cluttered with too many apps drains your battery to an extent. Therefore, to keep your battery usage minimal, maintain only few apps on the home screen of your smartphone.

6. Reduce The Brightness Of Your Smartphone Screen To Zero.

Increasing the brightness of your screen places much pressure and stress on your smartphone because the smartphone will utilize more energy than the usual energy consumption rate; thereby draining the battery.

7. Do Not Keep Your Mobile Data On While You're Browsing.

Most smartphone users are guilty of this too. Come to think of it, what it does to your battery is to stress it more than necessary, since notifications from different installed apps will still be trooping in.

I do hope that with the above tips, you'll be able to use much smartphone much more efficiently and extend the lifespan of the battery.

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Content created and supplied by: DejLoaf_02 (via Opera News )


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