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How To Get Rid Of The Moisture Trapped Under Your Phone's Screen Without The Help Of A Technician

Has your smartphone recently been exposed to moisture and wondering how to remove moisture trapped under the screen? There are different techniques that could help you remove moisture.

Here are the different ways to do it;

1. Top with raw rice

This process has proven effective when it comes to removing trapped moisture under the smartphone screen. In a bowl, add the raw rice in half. With the screen facing down, place the phone in the rice container. Now you can add more rice to cover the smartphone and leave it intact for at least 72 hours. Rice will absorb moisture on the screen.

2. Silicon gel pack

Another better way is to use a silica gel. Packs are normally used to absorb moisture. If you have the packages around you, you can use them. You can buy them in a store if you don't have any. Like raw rice, place the phone in the bowl and cover it with a few packs of silica gel.

3. Remove the battery if it is removable and leave it outside with a fan as another option. If your phone has an immovable battery, turn it off, place it on a table, and turn on the fan to absorb moisture trapped under the screen.

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