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Facts why Children should be stopped from using phone at a tender age

Children nowadays are even more wise than us to the extent that they know phones better than us.

Some the facts includes

1. Stubbornness and insults

Phones nowadays gave been a talk of the day for young boys and girls It has made them to forget.parental care.and respect

A boy or girl at a tender age now know social medias better than anyone to the extent that they don't say hi or hello at a start of a page instead they begin by telling how far or how are you doing. Sometimes they greet you with harsh words and filthy insults.

2 watching of porn videos

Children nowadays get spoilt easily when they are given phones by using it to watch porn movies and videos. This should be stopped so as to save the life's of the children

3 playing games

Children should be stopped from playing games because it is now making them lazy They no longer want to do house chores again there by making them rude lazy and arrogant

NOTE Parents and guidance should give children phone when they're of age not when are still young to save their future

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