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Is selling recharge card/airtime above 100 naira halal or Haram? Here is your answer

Praise be to Allah.

As we all know that airtime and data bundle business is one one of thriving business in Nigeria. Many go into this business because of it enormous profits and it requires little Start up capital.

But majority of people just dabble into business without really finding out of it halal or Haram, what they are all after is profits.

This is the Islamic ruling on selling recharge card or airtime.

It is permissible for the one who has credit on his phone to sell it to someone else, for the same as it is worth, or for less or more, because this comes under the heading of selling benefits or usage, and it is not selling money for money, such that it is stipulated that the amounts be equal.

So the seller or owner of the credit owns a usage or benefit of making phone calls, the value of which is #20 , and it is permissible for him to sell it for #22, and there is nothing wrong with that. The same also applies to selling phone cards; it is permissible for one who owns a card worth #100 to sell it for more or less than that.

And Allah knows best.

We should always seek the the knowledge of permissibility of a business from a knowledgeable Islamic scholars to guide us if it halal or Haram.

Jarzaakumullah khayran as you read and share to those you know are in this business and others

Content created and supplied by: Albayahn-fihi-deen (via Opera News )

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