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See 7 Simple ways to Create a website as a beginner or professional (Secret)

Good day Everyone Please read carefully ,

Many times we use to thinking Creating a website is a very Difficult thing that need to be learned but on this Article we will be talking on how to create a website in a simple way :

1.Choose a Domain name :Your domain name forms part of your site URL or address and it's the name by which your site will come to be known by visitors .Use a Good name and a name that will attract more visitors to your site.

2.Pick up a Hosting Plan :You need to host your Site so as to make it Good. .

3.Choose a Platform: You need to choose a very Good platform for your website so that it will be easy for those coming to your website .

4.Install WordPress: It is very Good when you install a WordPress ,it will help your site to loom better if it is used.

5.Pick a Theme:This is very important to do so as to make the site look more better and Good .

6.Gmail: You will need a Active and Good Gmail account in achieving all this .

7.Upload your contents :Begin to upload your contents on the sites so that your visitors will be able to get what they needed on the site .

Thanks for reading ,don't forget to share with friends and love one's.

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