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"Can You Date Your Ex Again" Reactions As Twitter User Asks This Question

To some persons, it may seem to be impossible but to some , it can actually happen. This is a trending question that many people always love to ask and they receive meaningful and funny answers.

A Twitter User took to his page to ask " can you saw your ex again?". Most people can't date their ex again because of how the relationship ended, some relationships ended on good terms while some didn't end really well and relationships that don't end really well brings hatred at one point .

There were lots of reactions too as most people expressed themselves and gave their personal answers to the question.

Some users answered "Yes" to the question and I can't really say much because they have their reasons and it also depends on how their relationship ended, if the spark is still there, then you can have a go at it. It's not actually advisable to go back to your ex because in life we are meant to move forward and that's why there's a saying"Forward ever , Backward never".

Below are screenshots of reactions made by some users;

A user went ahead to say he'd rather buy himself a coffin than going back to his Ex.

Another said if she was using a Nokia C2 before and now using an iPhone, would you advise her to go back to using the Nokia C2?

This is a trending question and majority of the answers are not really positive, only few persons gave a "yes" reply.

In my opinion, it's too risky to go back to something you left, we move forward and not backwards.

So I'm going to ask to know what you think about this question.

Can you Date Your Ex again?

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Nokia C2


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