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Sci-fi movie's technology that really exist

Sci-fi movies are becoming of the most popular movie genre people are watching with a lot of technology which we doubt their existence,but am about to tell you that some of them really exist.


Reemo is a wristband gesture control technology which allows you to control all your things using natural gesture.

Like if you want to switch on your fan all you have to do is point and wave at the fan and it will working immediately.

All you have to do is place the wireless receiver anywhere and it starts and it can work with over 22 million devices in US homes.

5.Hoover Camera Passport

hoover is a lightweight quadcopter powered with AI technology which uses computer vision to track your face and body as you go around.

It captures 4kphotos and record videos anywhere all you have to do is connect your device with it and it flies with you everywhere.

4.Cricet bracelet

Cricet bracelet is a wearable device which turns your skin into touchscreen which makes you do anything you do with your phone like calls,mail,play games and all other things.


sgnl is a smart strap which makes you call with your finger tip.

All you have to do is connect the straight with your device using Bluetooth and receive calls by placing your finger tip in your ear with a clear sound.


Phree is the first high resolution write anywhere mobile inputs device produced by OTM technology.

It allows you to write,draw,express yourself on paper,table,wall etc and every single thing you wrote will appear on your screen phone.

All you have to do is connect it with your device and it allows you to take phone calls.

1.mymanu clik

mymanu clik is a wireless earphone with live voice that translates top languages in the world.

So u don't have to worry going to China,france etc just make sure u go along with your mymanu click.


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