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See Strange and Beautiful Photo that's got Many Talking Online

Nigeria has gone quite far with creativity including the digital world. The old or analogue way of doing things have given great way for new technologies to take place and this has impacted heavily in our lifestyle making this a lot easier for us all.

We all celebrated the usage of big video recorder in order to cover events but now, drone has taken place making it easier, faster and less expensive.

Then the usage of hand cameras which we all celebrated then, but now just with your phone, you can take beautiful photos, create and recreate to another way you want adding more beautiful and style to the photo. You can agree with me now that apart from studio photos, most Nigerians don't have time to go take the old normal photos that many celebrated in the early 2000. Mobile phones have taken over with very high quality camera types.

A strange photo surfaced online about a guy suspending online with just the holding of a hand which looked rather spiritual in the eyes of some Nigerians.

See below.

This is not any spiritual hand or being but that hand work of quality camera.

See reactions of people.

Inasmuch as it is good to work hard, try to get yourself equipped for the future. With time, there won't be need for human employment any longer as machines and technology is gradually taking over things with less cost, more efficiency and mass output.

Seek for what to do online or learn a skill to get yourself prepared for the future or suffer seeking for jobs that are farfetched many years of your life.

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