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After Reading This, You Won't Press Phone In The Toilet Again (Opinion)

Taking and pressing phone on the toilet has become a habit amongst youth these days. We tend to do things that are not right these days. Most times we spend hours on the toilet pressing our phones and some of us even forget that we are in the toilet.

Today we would be taking a look at the consequences of pressing phone in the toilet and i know a lot of us take our phones to the toilet.

Exposure To Germs

The phone is one of the most dirtiest object on the human body. We touch our phones with our hands which are dirty most times when we work. Your phone is like a door knob which we hardly Clean and you can easily see over five hundred bacteria and fungi on our phones that's because we have never cleaned it.

Also, pressing phone make us sit on the toilet for a long time which is not good because it may cause infections expecially for the ladies. Research has proved that those that sits on the toilet for too long has a higher rate of HEMORRHOIDS.

This is the danger of pressing phone in the toilet. It increases the time we stay on the toilet

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