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Looking Back at the First and Earliest Inventions of Phones, Cars and Camera.

The world is constantly changing . It has undergone enormous changes in religion, culture and even geography. The world we see today is not the world Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, or Aristotole saw. Indeed change is the only constant in the universe. While we enjoy the delicacies science and technology has offered us in automobiles, communications and health taking some time to look back on the history of some of our most useful inventions will help us appreciate how much science and tech has served us.

The Mobile Phone: Mobile phones or just phones were invented in 1970s. The first hand held mobile phone was in fact demonstrated by John Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973 using a handset weighing 2kg. Six years later, the first automated cellular network was launched in Japan. Despite their invention in 1973, the first commercially available phone Motorola Dyna Tac 8000X became available until 1986.

Television: Until the beginning of the 1920s, televisions were totally unheard of. It was in the 20s that amplification made television practical enabling the Scottish inventor John Logie Baird to employ the Nipkow disk in his prototype video systems and on the 25th of March, 1925 Baird publicly demonstrated at the Selfridge's department store in London the first ever televised silhouette images in motion.

Cars: cars were invented to replace animal-drawn carriages.

The first wheeled vehicle or car was invented by German inventor Karl Benz . Benz patented his Benz patented Motor Wagen in 1886 although the first commercially available car was the 1908 model T, an American car manufactured by the Ford Company.

Camera and Photography: The first camera gave birth to the first photograph. The camera was developed by many people in the course of history but the camera as we know it today was invented by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepcin. He also took the first photograph in 1826. He captured it using a technique called heliography. The piece is now a permanent collection at the University of Texas Austin.

Among all these inventions, which one do you consider most important. Drop your comment below.

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