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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Data Usage On 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Data Usage On Your Android Phone (photos)

In this post, I will be showing you 5 Ways To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones.

Do you have an android phone and you wonder why your data finish so fast few days after subscribing? Look no further, this post will address that. Do you want to know how to manage your data to the best of your satisfaction? Are you an individual or a business owner who needs/uses data on a daily basis? This post will show you how to effectively manage your data. Here are five ways to stop data drain on your mobile phone

1.Regulate your use of streaming services: One of the fastest ways you can lose your data is by streaming music and videos. When your data is on, try as much as possible to avoid this. An alternative to streaming music and video is by downloading them in your storage. You can as well download when you are using WiFi. One way to reduce data usage while streaming on apps like YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud, Audiomack is by reducing the quality of the stream. For instance, in the case of YouTube, you can reduce the video resolution to low quality. By doing this, your data will saved.

2.Update Mobile Applications Over WiFi: This can be done through Google PlayStore. How do you go about it? Go to PlayStore and tap on Menu>>Setting>>Auto-update apps over WiFi only. On the other hand, you can choose "Do not auto-update apps". This simple trick will help save your data. It is important to note that new version of apps are being worked on, so there will always be a need to update it. By doing this setting, your data will be able to serve you.

3. Use Chrome Data Compression: Google Chrome is a popular Android browser with an inbuilt feature that reduces data consumption. This feature significantly reduce data. How to do it. Open your Google Chrome, tap on 3-dot menu on the upper right corner, tap on settings, and scroll down to Data Saver. This Saver will centralize your data usage as it will now pass through one proxy. It also helps to detect malware.

4. Stop/Restrict Application Background Data: The truth is that mobile apps can consume data even when the phone is not in use. Your background data help to keep your phone monitored and updated. But this is not necessary. You can correct this by going to Setting>>Data Usage to check which app is consuming data. By tapping on the app, you will see foreground and background data usage. Your background data will keep running even when the app is not use. The best way of correcting this is to "restrict app background data". This will ensure that the app will only use your data when it is opened.

5. Limit Data Usage In Android Setting: Click on Setting and limit what you will be using. Here, you can go to Setting and tap on Data Usage>>Billing Cycle>>Data Limit and Billing Cycle. You can set the maximum data you want to use for that month. This will ensure that you make use of only your target data thereby saving the rest.

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