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If you are Student, then you need to have these 5 Apps on your Android Phone

There are many things that we can do with our Android phone. From watching of films, to taking of photos, Browsing, Playing games and so on. But there is another thing that we can use our smart phone for that will ease our learning.

Many people don't Know that there smartphone can make learning easier and faster. There some apps that are very useful when it comes to educational aspects. These apps help us to learn quick and faster. Here are some apps that I have found to be very useful to every student, both Secondary and Tertiary Students.

1. CamScanner

During my days in the University, these app was very useful to me. With these app, you can convert images or photos into PDF and from there you can print them out. You can also scan documents and convert them to PDF format and send online.

You can use the app to snap a course handout that's no bulky, convert it to Pdf and read it directly from your phone.

2. WPS Office

As a Student this app is most, especially if you can't afford a system. Through the app, you can type your assignment and even project work. This app will save you a from lot of cost. There will no need to go and pay for someone to type for you.

3. N-Calc

This app is not just the Common calculator that you have on your smartphone. It is just like the scientific calculator that you know, with it you can solve a wide range of calculations (binary, quadratic equation and so on).

4. English Dictionary

As a Student, this app is very important. With it you can learn new words daily and also the meanings. With the app you will be able to pronounce words properly.

5. PhotoMath

Photomath is another app that many people are not aware of. The app can be used to solve calculation. What you just need to do is to snap problem and it will solve it. With the app you can know if your answer is right or wrong

These are just some of the numerous app that will help you as a student in learning.

Content created and supplied by: Dorasky (via Opera News )

CamScanner WPS Office


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