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How One On-line Purchase Has Ruined Many Lives

Do you buy things online?— I do.

The truth is, shopping online has so many advantages.

You can save money from transportation. Time from going store-to-store. Energy from carrying so many things...and much more!

But like all good things... There is a negative side to it.

But don't let me bore you. Let's read the true life story sent to me below. Read carefully!

Good day E.AOmolaju. I read your last article, Secrets Yahoo Boys Don't Want Us To Know, that you said we should share any story we had with you.

This is the experience I had once.

I was looking online for a laptop to buy my daughter that was going to the university.

In my search, I saw an advertisement link that took me to where I could buy a laptop for cheap!

After searching, I found the perfect one. It was ₦50,000. The site looked legit and I made to purchase it.

After filling the card details, I clicked buy. That was how ₦50k was deducted from my account.

This happened in February. Till today, not a single word from them. But sir... THIS WAS NOT THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED!

A few days after buying the laptop online, I kept seeing debit alerts on my phone.

Before my friend advised me to block my card, I had lost almost ₦80k in total...

Our friend here is just another one of millions of victims that have lost money to the same trick.

But this article should help it's readers avoid falling for this trick.

Below are just a few ways you can save yourself and those your share this article with from being scammed.

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1| Never buy from a site without 's' in the link:

Always check the top of your browser for the website that you are on link.

The 's' stands for Secure. Any site with it government secured and is safe for all transactions.

If it has 's' for example Take note of the 's' that comes after "http".

2| Only Have The Amount You Want To Spend In The Account:

Let's say you want l buy shoes worth ₦7,000. Make sure only ₦7,200 is in the account before purchase.

This will help you minimise the risk of losing everything you have!

3| Try And Shop Online On Popular Sites:

Shopping only on sites that have a good name will help you stay safe from scammers. Some of the sites we recommend are; Opay, Jumia, Konga, Kara amongst others.

4| If You Are Buying From Stores Like Jiji. Observe the following:

•Don't take money with you.

•Take someone along with you.

•Meet in an open place.

•See the product you are buying and confirm.


Content created and supplied by: E.AOmolaju (via Opera News )

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