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See how to make huge amount of money by creating beautiful animations on your phone.

If you don't have a job yet but you have a good smart phone, you are a potential rich individual it's just that you are yet to unlock some amazing ways to create job for yourself on it. You do not need to own a structural edifice before you can engage yourself in real businesses, your smart phone has millions of salivating ways it can be used to generate income for you.

Now for those that are into graphic designs or animation designs, you can generate a whole lot of income for yourself even without having to do your designs on desktop or laptop computer. I am going to introduce this app to you, though many people are already familiar with it but they don't know how to capitalize on it to fetch them good income.

Plotagon app is one of the best and scintillating app you can use to create stupendous animations on your phone. This app has fetched me a lot of naira just by creating advertisement animations for people and friends on my WhatsApp contact list. For those hearing the name of this app for the first time, you do not need to have any prior experience on animation because every process is self explanatory.

On this app, you can create your own characters and you can also download many other characters from the app. Furthermore, you can download beautiful scenes but you will have to pay some specific amount of money for that. If you have phobia for typing advert wordings for your selected characters, you can decide to use your own voice, but to make this beautiful and well presentable, just look for another person that can help you donate voice for your other character so you won't have to be the only one doing the talking in both characters. 

Another beautiful thing about this app is that you can always go back to your animation video and make some changes before sending to your clients.

Let me tell you how you can quickly make some cool cash on this. Help a friend of yours who is running a business to make a free animation video, then send it to your own WhatsApp status and tell that your friend to check your status. This is a verified method that has been working for me, and I can boldly tell you that your friend will surely contact you to send him the video, then during that process, you can bill him. This is another chance to create employment for yourself and earn some cool cash into your pocket.

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